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First and foremost our mission is to enhance businesses and make new and cutting-edge technology available to all.

Our passion and dedication are to make the difference when it counts for every business no matter the size.


  • That Web 3.0 will fundamentally change the way businesses operate.

  • That the use of Software Testing and Additive Manufacturing will become the norm for businesses big and small.

  • That we can help businesses to grow and enhance their services by offering a bespoke solution that responds to their needs. 

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Fun loving and vision transforming people passionate about everything technology, innovation, and disruptive developments.


Peter Gnerlich 

Peter Gnerlich is the founder of Smart Synergies and a senior consultant with an affinity for test automation, robotic process automation (RPA), and business development supporting any organisation in delivering business value without losing focus on quality.

Peter has 20+ years of experience establishing, developing, and maintaining business and project relationships, working in different industries such as banking, insurance, semi-governmental institutions, logistics, wholesales, energy, telecommunication, and fashion retail.


Matthew Crasner

Matthew Crasner is a digital marketer, Online media manager, and creative. 

"I have a passion and curiosity of everything technology related with a particular interest in future Technologies new and disruptive innovations and sustainability".

Matthew considers himself to be an outside-of-the-box thinker and creative problem solver. He has worked across a wide range of industries helping businesses and individuals establish themselves, create content, grow and engage their communities and find their place in the digital marketplace.


Erik Litjens

Erik Litjens has been a sales consultant in information technology since 1997 working for companies such as IBM, Mercury Interactive, Informatica, and SAP covering industries such as banking, insurance, consumer retail, telecommunications, and energy.

Erik is an ISTQB Certified Tester with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the digital sphere. 

“Be tolerant with others and strict with yourself". This saying has underpinned and influenced his personal and working life for many years and is what has kept him grounded and moving forward striving to progress and learn.


David Heremans

David Hermans is a functional analyst and software developer who built his experience in developing applications from A to Z primarily within the finance industry. 

Quoting Leonardo Da Vinci, he believes that

“simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

He always focusses on keeping things as simple as possible, yet at the same time maximising user experience and functionality.

Always trying to keep a holistic view on projects he takes on, David has built a wealth of experience over the last 20+ years in all aspects of software development. He brings added value to projects from requirements gathering to testing and delivering a complete and robust final product. 

When not working on software, David loves food and can not do without a decent cup of coffee, when his three kids allow him one.


Mark O'Kane

Mark O'Kane is a Technology Evangelist who enjoys getting to know technologies in depth.

Marks background is a mixture of technical and commercial competence primarily in Telecommunications, Cloud and Kubernetes.


He is very customer & user focused and enjoys building lasting relationships.

His 20+ years experience has included working in Testing, Pre-Sales, Product Management and Consulting.


He is a mentor, and lover of technology.


His pastimes include scuba diving and spending time with his family and many pets.


Nathalie Van Damme 

Nathalie is a dynamic and result-driven professional with a broad experience in strategy, operations, finance and business management, and project management.

She has worked for international companies that allowed her to work in cross-cultural and cross-functional work environments.

As a business operations professional, she knows how to implement strategies to meet business objectives and how to implement the right business processes to ensure effective and integrated service delivery.

She has a passion for architecture and design which she feels enhances her creativity and the creativity that she brings to every job.


Jing Reilly

Jing has over 10 years’ of experience working in marketing and helping technology companies such as Facebook, IBM, Kantar Media and Irish Start-ups to expand their business internationally.


She holds a Masters in CyberPsychology, PGDip in International Growth and BA in Journalism and Visual Media

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August / 2023

We are delighted to announce that Smart Synergies has joined the Robot Framework Foundation. Smart Synergies is committed to contribute to the continuity of the software test and business process automation tool Robot Framework.


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