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Privacy Policy

1. Purpose of this Privacy Policy

Smart Synergies BV values the right to privacy and is committed to ensuring all data is obtained, processed, and used in a safe, secure, ethical, and transparent way. The privacy of our clients, partners, or any third party visiting or making use of our website is important to us, and we appreciate your trust that Smart Synergies BV will use your personal data both carefully and sensibly, in conformity with the principles laid out in the present Privacy Policy.

By providing us with your information, you confirm that you have acknowledged the content of this Privacy Policy, which is meant to help you understand what personal data we collect about you (hereinafter 'your personal data'), why we collect it, and what we do with it. References to personal data in this Privacy Policy include any information which directly or indirectly identifies you.

You understand that this Privacy Policy applies in conjunction with other policies and procedures. It does not establish contractual or legal rights for any persons but intends to comply with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and other local data protection legislation (hereinafter, respectively 'the GDPR' and 'the applicable legislation').

2. Who controls your personal data

Smart Synergies BV is registered in Belgium under company number BE0741.931.719. Its main establishment is located on Kleinwaverstraat 20, 3040 Huldenberg, Belgium.

Unless otherwise stated in the present Privacy Policy, Smart Synergies BV acts as the Data Controller of your personal data and is thus responsible for the processing of your personal data under the applicable data protection legislation. In capacity, Smart Synergies BV determines both the purposes ('why') and the essential means ('how') of the processing of your personal data.

This Privacy Policy outlines which personal data we collect about you (Section 3.1), what legal grounds we rely on to collect your personal data (Section 3.2), how we protect your personal data (Section 4), to whom we disclose your personal data (Section 5), if necessary outside the European Union (Section 6). In addition, we also define for how long we need to keep your personal data (Section 7). Lastly, this Privacy Policy describes your rights under GDPR (Section 8), including whom to contact in case you wish to exercise any of these rights (Section 9).

3 How to collect and process your personal data

3.1 Personal data we collect about you

Because data privacy is of high importance to us, we intend to remain open and transparent about which personal data we collect and how we intend to use it.

As a general rule, Smart Synergies BV will only collect your personal data where necessary for maintaining our relationship with you as business contact, and as a (potential) customer or/and (potential) collaboration partner, as a private contact regarding (potential) employment prospect. Depending on your exact relationship with us, both currently and in the future, Smart Synergies BV may thus collect, use and disclose (process) the following types of personal data: contact information, such as your firstname, lastname, email address, phone number, and postal address for invoicing and delivery purposes as well as registering with social security institutions and tax authorities.

3.2 Legal grounds for processing

3.2.1 Your personal data

Under the applicable legislation, personal data may only be collected and processed based on a limited number of legal grounds. At Smart Synergies BV, we rely on one of the following bases to process your personal data:

  1. Necessity for the performance of a contract with you (e.g. for handling your payment details when you purchase our services); or

  2. Legal obligation to which Smart Synergies BV is subject (e.g. any accountancy and audit requirement); or

  3. Legitimate interests of Smart Synergies BV (e.g. when we send you sales and marketing emails regarding new or enhanced services); or

  4. Your explicit and informed consent (e.g. contract prolongations regarding our services provided to you).

3.3 Customer Support (technical and commercial)

You understand and acknowledge that Smart Synergies BV may process personal data such as your name, contact details, client number, and IP addresses, as well as any other personal data Smart Synergies BV might come in contact with during the provision of technical and commercial support and the provision of our service to ensure the effective and efficient handling of complaints and queries. 

4. How we protect your personal data

Smart Synergies BV is committed to the processing of your personal data in a lawful, fair, and transparent fashion.

Smart Synergies BV guarantees that any processing of your personal data will be limited to what is necessary, adequate, and relevant in order to achieve the purposes for which your personal data was collected. Moreover, Smart Synergies BV will use anonymized data whenever possible and technically feasible, for instance, with regard to internal statistics, customer support, or financial reporting.

Because the protection of your personal data is essential to us, Smart Synergies BV is also dedicated to protecting the systems where your personal data is stored to the extent possible to Smart Synergies BV. For that reason, we have defined and implemented adequate technical and organizational measures in cooperation with Smart Synergies BV service providers, with a view to protecting your personal data against any unauthorized access, unlawful use, accidental loss, corruption, or destruction. This way, you can be confident that your personal data will be processed on a strictly 'need-to-know basis', when necessary and where appropriate.

Furthermore, since Smart Synergies BV is fully aware that threats evolve and diversify and because Smart Synergies BV wishes to sustain your trust throughout the years, Smart Synergies BV commits to regularly review and update security measures and infrastructure, with a view to mitigate operational risk and maintain Smart Synergies BV security programs up to the latest industry-accepted standards and best practices.

5. How to contact us

Any request for information or data subject access requests should be made to

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